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U6 Rules:

  • 1 Coach from each team on the ice to ref (we will have refs starting first weekend in November
  • no coaches on the ice  after the referees are on ice.
  • 4 on 4 on ice
  • Goalies in net, in goalie equipment
  • No offsides
  • If a player gets a penalty please just remove player from ice and have coach explain why they got a penalty.  Replace player immediately.
  • After a goal have the scoring team clear the blueline and allow scored on team to progress past the blueline.  We don’t need faceoffs after every goal.
  • 1:30 buzzer hockey.  You can do a faceoff at center ice or have them race to the puck.  That is up the coaches.
  • Only post a 6 goal differential on the scoreboard.
  • Turn in all scores to Bill Dunk  or 
  • please turn in accurate scores so that divisions can be match evenly.



U8 Mite Rules

Setting up rinks for U8 mites

  • The moveable boards or rubber bumpers should be placed on one blue line, utilizing the lager ice surface this will give each team access to their own bench.

  • If you are in a rink with the moveable bumpers it is alright to put 1 or 2 coaches on the ice behind the bumpers to keep them in line. Remember coaches must wear a helmet and skates.

  • If you have a set up game or the last game when the boards must be broken down, the referee and one coach from each team must be on the ice to set up or break down.



U8 Playing Rules

  • Scores must be kept and turned in so that when we divide the levels we can break the standings into an upper and lower level.

  • Coaches before each game should get together and decide according to their numbers whether they want to play 3 on 3 with a goalie or 4 on 4 with a goalie.

  • Coaches should also decide whether they want to play 1, 1 1/2, or 2 minute lines changes.

  • Coaches should also try to match up lines so that the strongest is not always playing the weakest line (only if you feel one line will dominate). Please inform the referee on your choices.

  • After a goal is scored the team that scored must clear the zone and the team that was scored upon must be able to clear the blue line before play can continue.

  • Remember there are no penalties, no offsides, and no icing.1 referee on ice. No coaches except as noted in setting up rinks.